Which OS Is Right For You? You Might Be Surprised

So you’ve concluded that you need to acquire a better cellphone but are not convinced if you need to proceed with an iPhone or remain faithful to android, changing devices up can constantly be exciting and appealing but if you are like many folks subsequently your smart phone is a critical aspect of your life and is much more than merely a cell phone.

As someone who has made the transition from android, over to an iPhone, and recently again on android I think I can provide a whole and fair review for those of you who are contemplating making the change over to a newer mobile phone OS.

A few things youwill wish to keep in mind as you read along:

  • how do you intend to use your cellphone on a day to day basis
  • what features are the most critical to you
  • do you run out of battery life often
  • are you really stuck in an existing 2 year contract
  • how much are you willing to spend for your provider

Understand what you would like From A Smart Phone

Before you proceed any further the 1st thing that you must think about is what you want your own smart phone to be utilized for because need to you don’t understand that then you will just think randomly without an ending goal in sight. For some a mobile phone phone is simply a portable black utility where they are able to touch buttons and talk with their family and friends, for others it’s a compact camcorder to save life’s special moments, and some even depend on them to coordinate their life and livelihood with options like grocery list, task reminders, and career communication.

You really need to consider exactly what you need, is it email and SMS, entertainment and music, or productivity or perhaps a bit of everything?

Do not forget That Hardware Is Replaceable, Operating Systems Is Not

Today most mobile phones really aren’t all that unique in terms of hardware, they all have a quad core CPU with graphics for games and movies, they’ve anywhere from a 5-6 inch screen, decent stereo sound, a crisp HD LED, and even weight exactly the same.

The actual difference is in the program.

google is supported by google but iPhone is created by apple. They may both be tech companies however they have a very unique idea of the software that powers their cellphones. In the google world they believe the cell phone ought to be open, expressive, and tailored to the individual. With an google there is a lot of customizations you’ll be able to make, screen sizes to choose from, and many distinct phone makers.

Apple is pretty much the exact opposite, they believe in uniformity and also a closed yet usable operating system that is free of bugs, errors, and is simple to use. There is just 1 hardware maker and while they have lately moved on to larger screens you are still restricted between a very narrow set of display choices particularly if you’d like to buy one of the newest versions.

The positives of google is you can actually make your phone your own and change it just how you want, the negative of this is what’s known as fragmentation. Due to the fact that there are several different companies selling google phones and they all use custom cables, CPUs, memory cards, gfx cards, antennas, and so on it’s extremely difficult for google to provide a 100% stable software package. As a result occasionally you will come across issues with particular apps on one phone however they will function perfectly fine in another or you buy a cell phone assuming it can be used just like your previous google cellphone but as soon as you turn it on you see the business decided to utilize a customized google UI that is entirely different to you.

The advantages of the iPhone is that they all use exactly the same hardware, feature the exact same screen size, the same features, and as soon as apple unleashes an update every iPhone ever made can transfer it and begin utilizing it instantly. Any issues or software errors that do purchase found are instantly updated, repaired, and updated to any or all active iPhones and you’re going to never run into the issue google sees with fragmentation.

Comprehend The Negatives

By now you are probably still not positive so let’s take a look at several of the possible disadvantages that are present with both alternatives.

The very first and probably the most significant for many individuals is the battery. Now as I am positive you know cell phone phone batteries really aren’t all that good to start with but when it comes to google you do obtain a few extra options {than} you do because of the iPhone. There are heaps of android manufacturers out there so if you want a tiny 4 inch phone it is easy to find one, and when you’d like a mammoth 7 inch phablet with 4 days of battery life you can easily find that also.

Android additionally has the advantage in that nearly all androids let you swap out the battery and put in a different one, this really isn’t true with the iPhone since their cellphones are sealed shut and even trying to open up the phone will lead to your warranty being voided.

There are a number of cases I can look back on when swapping out batteries has aided me:

1) Being stuck on a plane for a couple of hours
2) Waiting for said trapped plane in the airport
3) My every day ride to work on the train
4) Using my phone as a e book
5) Going hunting for the weekend

The main factor why I went back to google is because of the battery life. It is really not that google is really terrific with the battery, actually it has a tendency to be a terrific deal worse than the iPhone, but at least with the majority of android handsets I can quickly pop in a new battery in around a minute and be ready to go. The same can not be noted regarding the iPhone.

I will disclose I am slanted in that aspect but I do think of myself quite the heavy user so my scenario may not be your situation. You might not use your smartphone as often as myself do or if you do use it that much comprehend that additionally, you have the choice of installing various accessories including a charging case, a mobile phone battery bank, or the wonderful old fashioned car battery charger.

Don’t Forget The Costs

You had to know it was coming correct? Everyone knows that the apple iphone isn’t inexpensive. If you would like the newest release off contract and unlocked you can look forward to to waste anywhere from $500 – $800 relying on the version as well as the condition. The flagship androids are not that much more economical either with price points in the $300 to $600 range as well nonetheless if you relate it to the iPhone it’s as though they were being advertised with a 50% reduction.

That discount comes at a expense though as I’ve yet to obtain an google telephone with the same kind of build standard as an iPhone. You do shell out more and yet when you hold the iPhone in your hand it honestly does seem like it is worth a great deal more than $800 or whatever it’s going for these days. A lot of android phones are constructed out of plastic and those that aren’t basically don’t own the same quality feeling to them.

Is good feeling smartphone worth an extra $100 or $200 to you? Most likely not, but for some people it is.

How Will Your Phone Affect Your Service?

Another thing you must keep in mind in regards to pricing is just how your better phone purchase will affect your service. Of course the most obvious factor you must consider is your contract, some companies will upgrade you for no-cost but it’s simply to lure you into renewing the 2 year plan. Others may charge you more for your data bundle if you go with an iPhone since apple owners have a tendency to hog up more internet resources compared to android owners.

In the event you are on one of the prepaid telephone companies you might not even be able to acquire an iPhone because they aren’t officially supported or if they’re you will have to spend a little bit more and make convinced you acquire an unlocked version. You can still go with a service provider locked smartphone but so long as you are shelling out $800 on a phone you may as well spend the additional $50 and get an unlocked one so that in the future if you decide to change carriers you can easily do so.

We hope this guide has offered you a few things to ponder before you venture out and splurge on that newer smartphone. Whatever you determine you can be confident that ninety-nine percent of the stuff that you want to do on your device can be done with both os so do not buy too hung up on making the right choice.